Preventing Drain Clogging Disasters with Basic Plumbing Knowledge

Posted on May 6 2016 - 3:53am

Basic Plumbing Knowledge in UtahIn some household, you might think it's doomsday when somebody declares that the water is not going down the kitchen drain. Well, it may not be such a huge disaster, but clogged drains can be bothersome indeed. Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical suggests calling a drain cleaning experts to troubleshoot, but you still have to deal with a huge mess.

Kitchen Drains

Most of the time, the pipes that carry wastewater away from the kitchen sink gets clogged due to the oil from the cooking grease you pour down. This can mix with bits of food and detergent scum to form a blockage large enough to disrupt the flow of water. If you avoid pouring used oil and keep the pipes clear with occasional treatments of hot water, then you won’t have to deal with clogging.

In other instances, the blockage is due to a more serious problem — incorrect installation. If you have been observing proper waste disposal practices, but still deal with water backing up on occasion, then perhaps the drainage pipes are not properly aligned. Some may collapse due to poor workmanship. If the drainage system does not agree with gravity, then you really will have problems. Make sure professionals handle pipe installation and important plumbing works in your home.

Toilet and Bath

The buildup of hair, skin cells and soap scum usually cause bathroom and bathtub clogging. If you check the drain stoppers routinely and make sure they are clean, then you can prevent bigger issues. Toilets that are clogged can be nasty indeed. In some instances, toilets back up after a heavy storm, when outside drains are damaged, or dirt and collected leaves stop the flow of water. In other instances, plant roots encroach on the pipes that run from the house to the municipal sewer system.

When drains back up, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, you end up with foul-smelling muck that you’d have to clean eventually. If you don’t ever want to deal with this type of incident, then learn about the usual cause of the blockage. When you know the causes, you can prevent the problem.


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