Proper Maintenance: Taking Care of Saw Blades

Posted on Oct 21 2016 - 1:00am

Proper maintenance for saw bladesThese days, you can easily find a saw blade and add them to your set of tools. Low-power saws and fast-cutting power saws are only some of the equipment that needs this tool. Are you one of those who often uses this equipment?

Many saw blades are for sale nowadays and they come in different types according to use. No matter where you bought it, however, there are many preventive measures you can do to make them last longer. Here are some ways:

Clean Your Saw Blades

Regular cleaning is crucial for the proper maintenance of your tools. Resin and pitch buildup can damage the quality of your blades. Spray the blade with a blade cleaner and wipe it clean every now and then.

Use a Lubricant On the Blade

Occasionally lubricating the blade will keep rust away. It is best to do this in tandem with cleaning. All you need is to make sure you clean it first before applying the lubricant.

Use the Right Cleaning Brush

A wire brush can seriously damage your blades. Use a brass or nylon brush when cleaning.

Don’t Use a Brass Brush on Coated Blades

Modern saw blades come with a coating to help keep them sharp and reduce friction. Brass brushes can harm them when cleaning. You can use a plastic scrubber to clean these types of coated blades.

Store the Blades Properly

Make sure that your work area is not too humid. High humidity or moisture can cause the blades to pit or rust. Don’t rest the blade on cement or steel surfaces because these can cause them to dull. Rest them on surfaces made of plastic or wood.

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Make Sure You’re Using the Right Blades

You can end up damaging the blade if it is too harsh for the material you are cutting. On the other hand, a weaker blade can end up damaging both your tool and your project. Make sure you’re using the correct blade type. The right tools for the right job can extend your tools’ shelf life.

Whether you have an existing or a recently bought saw blade, you can use this guide to keep them sharp and on top of their game. These will not only ensure top performance, but also bigger returns on investments for your money.