Proper Ways to Handle & Operate Your HVAC System at Home

Posted on Aug 24 2017 - 3:04am

HVAC heating and air conditioning residential unitsYou probably haven’t realized it until now, but your heating and cooling system provide a number of benefits to ensure you live in peace and comfort. Without it, you’ll probably freeze to death during the cold season and would have to endure the hot and dry days.

If you want to enjoy the efficiency of your HVAC, you must learn how to protect it.

What to do

  • Subject your system to regular and complete HVAC inspection performed by professionals weeks or a month before the winter season starts. This is to allow enough time for the replacement or repair your unit may require.
  • Clean air filters routinely and always check the thermostat setting to see if there’s any need for adjustments. An ideal time to do this is every end or the start of a new season.
  • Inspect the ducts, vents, and pipes of your system. Look for possible cracks, leaks or loose screw, if there are, fix them immediately. While you’re at it, ensure that your home is properly insulated. Examine every gap and enclosure in your home and seal them if necessary.
  • Using on your system without even checking if everything is okay. Another thing you should refrain from doing is handling all the repairs and service on your own. If you DIY every aspect of it, chances are you’ll miss a spot or two.
  • Protect it from dust, dirt and other types of debris. Keep it in shade by trying not to cover the mechanism just enough to defend it against extreme weather conditions.
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What to avoid

  • Upgrading your system prematurely without consulting the experts. Ambient Comfort LLC and other HVAC companies said that they’ve encountered quite a few customers who end up regretting the decision because they are not guided properly.
  • Not checking if the thermostat is properly programmed based on the temperature especially if there’s been a shift from warm to cold weather. One quick advice from the experts is you must gradually adjust the temperature rather than doing it at one turn.
  • Not knowing the maximum heating and cooling capacity of the unit. This may lead to higher energy consumption as well as shorter lifespan for your HVAC.

Handle your system with proper care and don’t forget to service it regularly. This way you can avoid dealing with troubles later on. Keep these simple and easy-to-follow reminders to help avoid future troubles or issues later on.