Radon, a Silent Killer: What You Should Know

Posted on Sep 15 2017 - 4:40am

Radon on a cracked lawnOne in three houses in Utah can have radon levels that are way above the listed safe limit. You will never know about it until you have your house tested, because radon is odorless and colorless, and it is naturally occurring.

Are you one of the people who do not think radon is dangerous? Here are some facts that will hopefully gear you into action.

It’s the Leading Cause of Lung Cancer for Nonsmokers

Do you think you have a low risk of developing lung cancer if you do not smoke? If you are living in a house with high levels of radon, you could be wrong. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers, which means you are not safe, even if you have made the conscious effort not to smoke.

Worse, if you do not go for radon testing here in Salt Lake City as soon as possible, you and everyone in your family are at risk.

Even Schools May Have High Radon Levels

It is not just your home you need to worry about, but you may expose children to high levels of radon at school, too. Your home and the school are the two places your child spend their time in the most: if these two both have high levels of radon, do not be surprised if your child gets sick often.

You need to make changes to get rid of high levels of radon, but first, you need to know that there is a problem. Move to have the school tested after you have had your own home tested, to be safe.

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Winter is the best time to have the radon levels in your home tested. You need to close all the doors and windows and use a kit to determine the levels of the chemical in your home. Fortunately, radon testing is not expensive. There is no stopping you from acting against this problem now.