How to Reset the Password on a Belkin Wireless Router

Posted on Jul 4 2017 - 7:28am

Belkin offers a line of remote switches that change a PC modem into a home systems administration gadget. The switch associated with the host PC communicates the flag to other approved PCs and going to tablets. Set a managerial secret key when you introduce the gadget to secure the switch’s arrangement settings. In the event that you lose the watchword or basically wish to transform it, play out a hard reset. Try not to unplug the switch or closed down the PC. Or maybe, come back to default settings with the reset catch. reset router login

1.Search for the reset catch on the back or side of the switch. It shows up as a little gap with a recessed catch inside.

2.Embed the finish of a paper clasp or toothpick into the gap to press the catch. Keep weight on the catch for an entire 10 seconds.

3.Force the paper clasp or toothpick out.

4.Hold up roughly one moment. At the point when the reset finishes, the switch light seems strong green.

5.Dispatch your PC’s web program. Sort ”″ into your web program’s address bar. A page titled “Switch Setup Utility” shows up. Snap “Login.” Bypass the secret key incite by clicking “Submit.” When the screen loads, click “Utilities,” at that point “Frameworks Settings.”

6.Sort your chose secret word in the “Sort in New Password” and “Affirm Password” fields. Disregard the fields asking for a present secret word. Wrap up by clicking “Apply Changes.”


To tweak switch settings after a reset, come back to the System Configuration menu. Confirm time zone and time, and choose programmed firmware updates and remote get to if craved.

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