Saving Your Damaged Wooden Staircase

Posted on Feb 28 2018 - 9:57am

Wooden StairsYou can maintain the original design of your New Zealand home when you retain the stairs. If it’s an issue of structural integrity, then a replacement of your architectural staircase is necessary to secure safety. Otherwise, you can take care of cosmetic issues to avoid a new installation.

Competent renovators can help you restore the overall quality of your worn stairs and comply with building regulations. What work will your old staircase need?

Mending Worn Staircase Treads

A worn down staircase is easy to resolve. Manufacturers used to make many old stairs from separate risers and treads that were simple to disassemble. When possible, it is advisable to remove the worn tread to enhance the effectiveness of the repairs. Contractors sand down the tread to expose the wood and apply the appropriate finish to restore its look. It is also advisable to fix the timbre bearers underneath the patched areas because these provide extra support.

Sanding the Risers

Wooden staircases are fitted with vertical risers, which you’ll locate between the treads. Most people tend to kick the risers, which means this part gets dirty often. So they will need cleaning with a steel-wool pad.

Cleaners can dip the pad in paint thinner and then scrub surfaces. The risers are subsequently left to dry before being smoothed out with an orbital sander.

Improving the Handrail

A sanding sponge can refinish an old looking handrail. Such a sponge should conform to the shape of your handrail. Efficient sanding should start from the top of the railing and done using movements that are parallel with the wood grain and not across it. The sanding process takes a while, but it’s effective in removing blemishes, smudges and rough spots. Stubborn stains need removal with paint thinner and dampened steel wool.

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The splendour that an original stairway brings to a house is undoubtedly vital. The stairway, however, can lose its appeal after prolonged usage and thus require repairs. And if this part of your home is damaged beyond repair, then a suitable replacement is in order.