Selling Your House in Any Market – without Sacrificing Profit

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 4:34am

House with a For Sale SignMaybe you’ve done all the upgrades and made all the necessary repairs, and with every passing day, you’re anxiously expecting the right prospect to show up and make you a reasonable offer. But there’s a lot more than selling to upgrading and banging in a “for sale” sign.

Maybe you just got a job in another city, or your adjustable rate loan is about the skyrocket. Whatever your reason for selling the house, don’t panic. You can speed up the sale of your home without spending much, reducing the price, and sacrificing profit, experts at American Equity Group say.

But first, it’s important to understand why experts don’t advice making price reductions time and time again.

On Incremental Price Drops

Nothing says “I’m desperate” more than incremental price drops. The longer your house is on the market, the more confused prospects become. The more you cut the price, the staler the offer appears. They’d think many people have already seen the house, and many must have rejected it, so why bother?

Selling a Home Fast without Slashing the Price

Most home buyers do a part of their house hunting online. According to a study by the National Association of Realtors and Google, 90% of people search online during the buying process. So, make sure to make your house look like a good deal virtually, and give them something worth looking at.

Don’t just take photos with your phone and upload them – take good listing pictures, tweak the lighting a bit, and upload them. Of course, make sure to remove all the clutter, including some furniture to make rooms look bigger, as well as family photographs and personal items so that they can imagine themselves living in the house.

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Who knows, someone who has never even thought of buying a home might actually purchase yours. If not, there are always agencies that buy homes no matter the condition.

Selling a house in a down marketing really does require a little extra work. But if you’re willing to do what’s written above, there is no market you can’t sell your house in.