Signs and Sounds That Mean Your AC Needs Repair

Posted on Apr 27 2016 - 7:03am

AC Repair in UtahNow that summer is drawing near, everybody is tuning up their air conditioner unit. Maybe it's time you have yours checked, too. Especially if the unit has gone unused for quite some time, it might be bound to be rusty or in need of attention. Airtime Heating & Cooling shares signs that mean you need an AC service. Draper experts can help you set your AC straight just before the hotter months roll in.

For now, here are signs you need to watch out for.

You Hear a Hissing Sound

Air conditioner units usually produce sounds as it does its job of cooling the room. However, a strange hissing sound is not normal. This noise could signal a leaking refrigerant. In order to function properly, your AC unit will need a certain level of refrigerant. When the level is low, it will be unable to cool the home effectively and even cause major damage over time. 

To compensate for the low levels, the AC unit will work extra hard, wearing out the compressor and causing a leak, among other issues. Pay attention to this sound to avoid blowing up your bills.

Or a Loud Banging Sound

Banging sounds are even greater sources of alarm. A loud banging or clanking sound means a loose or probably even a damaged part. If the banging is coming from the inside, this could indicate a loose blower fan blade or panel; if it's coming from the outside, it could mean a compressor damage and will need immediate repair.

Loose parts are especially dangerous, as they could potentially damage other parts or tear the system apart. Have experts look at your air conditioner to avoid bigger problems.

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Strange Odor, Poor Airflow, and Other Bad Signs

Other than these sounds coming from your AC that calls for a repair, you need to watch out for these other signs too. If a strange odor is coming from your unit, this is a sure-fire sign that you need to call a professional for help. Poor airflow is also a crucial sign that could indicate a big problem for your unit. 

Make the most of the remaining weeks while the heat isn't too intense yet. Look out for these signs and take care of your AC unit so it will take care of you when summer comes knocking.