Signs that Say There’s Water Leak in the Home

Posted on Sep 25 2015 - 12:00am

Water leaks around the house can cause damage and lead to huge expenses. However, these leaks often go unnoticed until they worsen. So how do you spot them? Let’s find out.

Where’s the leak?

water leakA good starting point when looking for leaks is checking the bathroom or the kitchen sink. You can easily spot the leak in these places, as there will be an overflow of water even when the faucet or shower is turned off.

However, you may also notice leaks in other places where water simply passes through. For instance, a water leak might spring up in the living room when a pipe running underneath it ruptures. These are harder to spot, as there are no visible pools of water.

Signs of leaks

Check for these signs when you can’t find any water pools but still suspect a leak:

  1. Mould and mildew

Mould and mildew thrive best in dark, moist places. A leaking underground pipe is the perfect breeding ground for them. From there, they can spread to the floor above. There’s a high chance you have a hidden leak underneath if you spot mould or mildew growing in areas outside of the bathroom or kitchen.

  1. Blistering paint/wallpaper

When water seeps into the surface of a wall, it can slowly weaken the bond between the surface and the applied paint or wallpaper. This leads to them slowly chipping away and falling off. Note that such damages might be far from where the leak is. Map out the route of the pipe to see the extent of the problem.

  1. Damaged walls or floors
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Stains on your walls and floor may indicate that water has already seeped into the interiors. Fix the leak or consider the services of plumbers in Perth immediately. Ignoring the leak results in your walls or floors softening or warping.

Finding and fixing leaks around your house is a must to ensure your home’s integrity and avoid any unnecessary costs. Don’t just start looking for signs. Instead, set periodic inspections of your water system to locate even the smallest leaks.