Single Bedroom Apartments for Comfortable Living

Posted on Oct 21 2015 - 1:44am

ApartmentAustralia is one of the best places to settle down, as it is favourable in terms of economy and climate. Another added advantage is that you can get all kinds of affordable accommodation there. You can find luxurious bedroom units, which are well designed and planned for a comfortable living.

Here are some of the features of great one bedroom apartments for sale.

  • Optimum use of space

These apartments are so well planned that you will not realise it has only one bedroom. The developers utilised the space optimally, so that it looks spacious. The hall, the dining area and the kitchen are strategically located and the designs are seamlessly blended.

  • Good fixtures and countertops

The fixtures in the kitchen and the toilets are good and functional. The cabinets and the counter tops in the kitchen clutter-free. The backsplash in the kitchen, the hob and the chimney are the latest in the market. The space in the bathroom is also well utilised with all the fixtures in place. There are vertical storage in the toilets, kitchen and even in the bedroom to create more space for other furniture.

  • Offers Other Special Features

This single bedroom apartment may have balcony, loft, patio and deck. The flooring and the wall finishes are good. The deck, patio and balcony are extensions of the living space and used for entertainment. There are some apartments with more than one balcony which definitely proves very functional in more ways than one.

If you look for a well-designed apartment complex developed by a well-known and reputable real estate developer, then you can be sure that it will be both affordable and comfortable.

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