Spend Your Gap Year in Australia with a Bang

Posted on Aug 31 2016 - 10:13am

Relaxing GetawayIf you’re lucky enough to have the means and the time to spend a gap year any way you want to, how will you do it? In case you have your heart and mind set on having an exciting getaway in Australia, you may want to try these ideas out for a fun and experience-rich gap year.

Live in and Run a Resort

It’s supposedly a break, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be productive. Put your riches to good use by purchasing the management rights of some properties in Brisbane or elsewhere. As it is a rising tourist attraction, what with its fresh air and surrounding sights, the properties rake in returns.

If your idea of a gap year is an escape to the beach, make the most of it by trying your hand at living in and running a place near paradise. You can always choose short-term management rights for your temporary commitment.

Learn to Surf and Take Care of Marine Life

The Aussie shores are the perfect setting for your surfer guy/girl dreams. Try water sports such as scuba diving and sailing. There are plenty of hidden beaches you may want to visit in the country. Start with the ones in New South Wales, Perth and Tasmania for your adventures.

As you’re enjoying your active water sporting life, add in a little environmental consciousness by working with marine conservation organisations. Sign up as a volunteer for beach cleaning or aquatic life rescue missions. It won’t hurt to be productive and to show you care while on your escapade.

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Leave a Mark

If you read about how celebrities spent their gap year, you may want to take a point or two from them. Do something that will leave a mark. Whether you’re vacationing in a high-end community or visiting relatives in the suburbs, you can make time to help out an organisation for a cause you believe in.

Hold events and classes for the local children, if you have skills to share. Spearhead a group of people who share the same interests, a la Mike Myers.

The key to an amazing gap year is combining relaxation with relevance. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it in Australia or elsewhere in the world. Remember to make it fantastic and make it count. That’s how you spend it with a bang.