Styleline Roofing: Is It Corrugate’s Successor?

Posted on Dec 7 2015 - 9:43am

Home Renovation RoofCorrugate roofing has been the staple roofing material in New Zealand for decades now, but it’s going out of fashion for a number of reasons. The shift to more modern looking homes means this timeless classic is too historic looking now, and its old-world charm doesn’t do it for most people anymore.

Although there’s a shift to more modern types of roofs, such as tiled or concrete roofing, many would still want to retain that classic home look without making it look old. They simply want something else other than corrugate. The New Zealand classic seems to have a successor now, though, in the form of styleline roofing.

Sleeker and Stronger

Many roofing experts, such as Franklin Roofing, note that one of the main draws of styleline roofing is its sleeker design when you compare it to corrugate. Its lighter profile is also more visually appealing; while corrugate is known for its wave-like bumps, styleline has a smoother look with only smaller ‘bumps’ to give it some depth.

These small bumps have an additional aesthetic purpose. When seen from afar, it contrasts light and dark shades that give the room even more depth than its predecessor does.

As styleline is made of metal, it has other advantages that set it apart from other roofing types. Foremost is its lifespan and durability, which exceeds the service life of roofing systems using tiles, concrete, and shingles. It’s also naturally resistant to rot and fire damage, and is virtually immune from invading insects.

The Cost-Effective Roofing Option

Although styleline is technically corrugate successor, it’s still more affordable than some of the more modern roofing options. Even though it’s essentially a metal roof, it costs less than a roof made of tiles and shingles.

Its low upfront cost is not the only aspect that makes this roofing the more appealing option. By virtue of its being made of metal, its durability means that it doesn’t necessitate that much repair work and maintenance. It also has a high resistance to denting and even if it does dent, you can actually hammer aberrations back into place.

Finally, styleline is the ideal choice if you’re planning to go green. It’s 100% recyclable and can serve as additional insulation for your home, helping you warm the house during winter and lower your utility bills.

If you’re tired of the look of corrugated roofing and want something that improves on all its positive attributes, then styleline roofing is the way to go. Although it’ll take a couple of more years for it to become New Zealand’s standard roofing option, it’s fast becoming the default roofing for modern homes.