The Accessible Tub You Can Move Anywhere

Posted on Sep 7 2018 - 7:43am

modern bathroom, with sink, toilet, and bathtubAccessible bathtubs help elderly and disabled people maintain their independence and privacy when bathing. Portable varieties are even more convenient and require no expensive remodeling. You can connect it to a faucet anywhere.

People with disabilities as well as the elderly who have been independent all their lives do not like having to need assistance. Self-care is a personal thing, and most people desire privacy if possible. If mobility is becoming a struggle, a walk-in bathtub can make life easy again.

Advantages of a Portable Bath

A portable tub from suppliers, such as Heavenly Walk In Tubs, has wheels so it can be moved to any room in the house where there is a faucet. The wheels can be locked in place once the tub is in position.

Once connected to the plumbing lines, a warm bath can be filled and then drained simply. A portable tub is a convenient idea for disabled or elderly guests who cannot get upstairs on their own or would prefer to wash in a guest room.

There is no need for remodeling, and portable baths are compact, so they will fit into small bathrooms as well. In the case the resident relocates, they can take their accessible tub with them to their new home.

Features of a Portable Bathtub

Portable baths also have lots of other handy features depending on the brand, including:

  • Side door opening or drop-panel for access without barriers
  • Grab handles and non-slip floors
  • Temperature-controlled water to avoid burns
  • Hydrotherapy water
  • Air massage jets
  • Color therapy mode

To help a loved one maintain their independence and at the same time avoid bathing accidents, a portable bathtub provides a solution without the expense of remodeling the house.

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