The Benefits of Tinted Windows

Posted on Sep 6 2017 - 3:04am

Men installing the tinted windowsFor decades, automobile owners have significantly benefited from the use of window film. What many people don’t realize, though, is that your home’s windows can also gain much from the same treatment. The experts at Amersol look at five benefits to getting your windows tinted.

They protect from harmful UV rays

The protection films give is essential for homeowners in Dallas, Texas, where summers can bring severe heat waves. Windows without tint can expose you and your family to UV rays that can cause long-lasting skin damage and even skin cancer. With the right tint, your windows can effectively block UV rays, and you can avoid exposure to the harmful rays within your home.

They improve window longevity

Another benefit of a good window film is that they offer additional shatter resistance. With this feature, window shards will remain stuck together in the event of a window breakage. Depending on the type of tint you apply, the film can protect your windows from scratches or even worse damage. They can also keep your windows safe from the effects of harsh weather.

They provide privacy

Films with a darker tint can provide day-long, year-round privacy protection from peering eyes. The tint works better than a simple set of blinds because they can still allow you to let sunlight in. It’s a great middle ground between maintaining window functionality and protecting your home’s privacy.

They make your windows energy-efficient

Using tinted glass in windows can keep your home cool as they keep the heat out. With this feature, you’d spend less on the energy your air conditioner would need to keep the room at the perfect temperature.

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They can add to aesthetics

When we say tinted windows, we usually think of dark films. Lighter tints are also available, though, and you can design them to add to your home decor.

Whether your windows are brand new or getting on in years, getting window films is a sound investment with all its great benefits. Tell your provider exactly what features you would like your window films to make sure you get these benefits.