The Case for Commercial Window Tinting for Commercial Buildings

Posted on Jan 10 2018 - 1:00am

tinted windows of a commercial buildingIt does not matter whether your building is a tower or is just a standalone, windows are an essential part of your office. With the modern architectural trends, windows do more than allow light into your space as they also act as a space for showcasing your products and are critical in complementing your office’s look.

Have you considered window tinting? It is one valuable feature that you can add to your commercial window installation project. And if you think window tinting is only for cars, think again. Here are reasons you should invest in window tinting.

1. Tax and utility rebates

The government recognizes window films as a way to conserve energy and to preserve the environment. It gives LEED credits to any business owner or homeowner that installs window films. Get the right commercial window installation company and receive LEED points.

2. Employee and customer satisfaction

Nobody likes stares from other people while at work or transacting business. If your office is on the ground floor or is at a location where people pass, window films make your employees comfortable as they go about their daily tasks. Your clients will appreciate the privacy that the window films offer.

3. Safety and security

Your commercial property is vulnerable to break-ins if it is visible to the outside world at all times. It is hard to see through a window when it has a layer of dark film. Also, thieves would not be able to monitor what time you open and close your premises, which helps to increase your security levels.

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4. Protection from harmful UV rays

Window films deflect the rays from the sun to protect your furniture, fabrics, and other items from fading or deteriorating. The glare from the sun could also be painful to look at and can cause vision problems.

It is no surprise that adding window films to your commercial window installation project can create a substantial difference in the environmental impact, the performance of your employees, and how your customers perceive your business.