The Curb Appeal: Selecting the Perfect Color for Your Front Door

Posted on Sep 24 2016 - 1:00am

Front Door ColorWhen designing a home, front doors aren’t usually a priority. Yes, you might choose a pleasing design, but the overall impact it brings to the charm and beauty of a home is taken for granted. Think about it, that sunny yellow door in your friend’s home makes you feel welcome. Your neighbor’s bright red front door offers a chic look to their modernized ranch.

Your front door doesn’t only provide an aesthetic curb appeal, but it also sets the mood of your home. Should you take another look at your entryway and consider choosing from the differently colored front doors?

Understand the Basics of Color

Choosing your ideal front door is not as simple as looking for a design with your favorite shade painted on it. It might seem exaggerated, but color selection involves science and logic. If you have no idea how to choose, rely on the color wheel. It is a perfect way for you to combine different colors that blend well together.

Pay Attention to the Design of a Home

Not only do you have to combine hues until you find your perfect shade, you would also have to ensure that the design of your home mixes well with it, as well. For instance, an English Tudor style home paired with a pastel colored door will look unfitting. An old Victorian house will look unfitting with a sleek black front door. On the other hand, a Mediterranean-inspired home will look perfect with a bright turquoise door.

When searching for your ideal front door, consider the style, landscape, materials and surrounding colors. Remember that the color you choose triggers emotions to your visitors. A bright shade provides energy, while a lighter tone gives that traditional feel. Make that you take everything into consideration before you make that decision.

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