The Most Common Garage Door Styles and Types

Posted on Feb 4 2016 - 2:15am

Garage DoorsA garage door is not something many property owners invest in frequently, so you might not understand how to go around the process. To make the right decision, it is best to do some extensive research and arm yourself with the right information.

Every property has a tad of character; hence emphasise it with the best garage door. You need to ask yourself if you want something contemporary, classic or even rustic. Identifying your residence’s style will enable you to focus your options. Once you determine the look you are going for, assess these most common garage door styles to see what suits your budget:

Aluminum garage door

Rust-resistant aluminium is perfect for humid environments. Substitute sturdy panels with frosted-glass for a contemporary look. The average price for a 16-by-7 double door may cost around $1,500 to $2,000.

Steel garage door

According to Gryphon Garage Doors, steel doors provide the broadest choice of insulation, color, and price alternatives. You will get one from the entry level, non-insulated, single-layer up to a top-quality 3-layer,and 2-inch polyurethane-insulated door.

Wood garage door

There’s no replacement for the unique appearance of wood. It’s generally made of moisture resistant cedar, cypress, or redwood and provides the most versatility for tailor made designs. Depending on exposure and climate, wood doors need more maintenance.

Garage roller doors

A durable, low maintenance material that seems like real wood, faux-wood composite eradicates many of the negatives of natural material. It’s moisture-resistant, hence it won’t split, rot, crack, or separate. It’s insulated, and could be stained or painted.

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Garage doors can occupy the majority of your residence’s facade and also be a big portion of the attraction. Before you purchase one, consider the above suggestions. When choosing the right garage door for your property, it is always best to arm yourself with the right information to make wise decisions.