Tips to Make Your Catering Business Grow

Posted on Apr 20 2018 - 6:07pm

platters of food lined up for buffet serviceSo you’ve started a catering business and now look forward to its growth — but first, you need to make operational adjustments to make room for more clients. Here are some tips from BC Industrial Services, LLC that should help you with your plans.

1. Don’t forget about your dishwasher.

A concern that few caterers really think about, the quality of your dishes involve more than just the material it’s made of. You’d want your catering utensils to be near perfect — which is why it usually makes sense to obtain a commercial dishwasher service.

With this, you can be sure that your plates, pots, and pans are always cleaned to perfection and ready to be used for an event.

2. Take care of your staff.

Catering is not one of those businesses that thrive well on temporary workers. This is a service-oriented business which means that the attitude of the staff plays a huge role in how clients see your service.

Hence, make sure to maintain at least a skeleton staff that knows the drill and have the attitude to be in a service business.

3. Formulate a menu based on seasons.

Catering is a numbers game, and you’d have to be very good when it comes to estimating. This is why it makes sense to constantly be on the lookout for new suppliers that can offer you lower prices of the same products.

Better yet, create a menu based on what ingredients are in season. This helps keep your purchase costs to a minimum.

4. Bank on presentation.

Having the right dishes, the right tables, and the right setup are just the beginning. You’d want to be able to offer your clients something they won’t get with other caterers. One good way is to team up with a designer who can jazz up your catering set up for you and make an impression on clients.

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Catering is a business that thrives on word of mouth so the satisfaction of your clients should be a prime concern. Hence, concentrate on giving not just excellent food but also fair prices in a timely and impressive manner.