Trends and Truths: What You Should and Shouldn’t Have in the House

Posted on Nov 8 2017 - 7:46pm

Men working on home design trendsEvery season, there’s a new trend in home design. This goes far beyond color selections. There are design elements that seem to be everywhere, and you just have to have them, too. Are they just a fad or do you need them?

Here are some trends and alternatives you should consider:

Overflowing Lights

Who wouldn’t want the well-lit modern home that you see in magazines? It seems you can never get enough of light bulbs, and even your dresser table has rows upon rows for better lighting. Hallways could do with fewer artificial light sources if you utilize your windows properly and position the fixtures to maximize their use. Even better, you can look into what a residential solar power company can do for your home to generate electricity rather than waste it on unnecessary lighting.

Small Tiles

They are certainly perfect for aesthetic shots of your bathroom. But when did people start taking more photos in the bathroom than everywhere else in the house anyway? Smaller tiles mean more maintenance, because of more grout to clean. If you need those small tiles, add them in areas that will not get often wet, such as on top of a vanity or as wall decor. It’s a double whammy if you choose small tiles in bold colors, especially if you’re planning to sell in the future, because a potential buyer may not want to spend on having them replaced.

Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes are fun for cafes and restaurants, especially those with a farm-to-table concept, but are they suited for the home? Not if you have children who might find those pipes tempting as a playground. Rather than worry about your children climbing the pipes, keep them hidden or at least make them less accessible to curious kids. Baby gates can be your best friend for this.

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Trends come and go, but your home will be your residence for the years to come. Design it with the future in mind.