TV Shopping Guide: Choosing the Ideal Screen Size

Posted on Jan 30 2016 - 10:50am

TV Shopping in Little RockScreen size is one of the biggest considerations when buying a new television. You have to find the right dimension, so that it suits your needs and the space allotted for your unit.

Now, how do you find the ideal TV size? Check out the following to make things easier when you go shopping for televisions for sale in Little Rock or anywhere in Arkansas:

Where and How You Plan to Use It

The size of your television should be suitable to the area or room you plan to use it in. For instance, a decent size of 36 inches would be fine for a bedroom TV. If it’s for a family, entertainment, or living room, a 50 to 60-inch screen would make a great choice. Bigger televisions are often the ideal option for main TVs due to their resolutions.

What Size Your Space Can Accommodate

It always sounds great to have a whopping 90-inch unit. Before you start searching for big televisions, though, take some measurements. Get a tape measure and know how much space your family room can accommodate. It’s not wise to buy something that wouldn’t fit the space of your old TV, right?

TVs Have Different Sizes than Older Versions

Flat screen TVs today are available in many sizes and their difference is evident from the sizes of older models. Some manufacturers, for example, replaced their former 42 x 39 and 46-inchers. Take note that a few inches don’t really make a huge difference. Remember that TV screens are measured diagonally, meaning a difference can have a significant upshot on the unit’s width and length.

The Weight of TVs Today

It’s also important to consider the TV unit’s weight when buying a new television. Whether you plan to mount it on the wall or place it on a stand, it helps to know how heavy your new screen would weigh. Needless to say, large and heavy units need stable and durable walls and stands.

Keep these things in mind and for sure, it’ll be easier to find the ideal TV size. A nice and friendly supplier should also be able to help you pick the best one for your needs.