Waste On the Go: Where to Place Your Skip Bins

Posted on Sep 10 2015 - 6:00am

GarbageWhat you place in your rubbish bin tells a lot about your lifestyle. Where you place waste containers says a lot about how you handle waste management in your household.

Being responsible for your rubbish

Bins serve as containers for packaging materials, wrapped nappies, plastic wrappers that are not recyclable, and similar items. You cannot place green waste, solvents, recyclables and other items specified by the local authorities and rubbish removal firm you have hired. Being a responsible member of the community does not end with knowing what you can and cannot place in the bins you have rented, though. You must also pay attention to container’s placement, as the Melville skip bin hire services of KwikSkips.com.au always point out.

Hassle-free placement within your property

Choosing bins with a lockable lid or cover can be a wise decision. The local council will approve of this choice when you apply for a permit. The permit is a requirement if you plan to place the rubbish bins outside of your property. To avoid the hassle, just find space within your lot to place the bin, so members of the household will have exclusive access to it.

If your driveway is wide enough for a skip truck, skip bin hire personnel only need to back up the path to load the bin. This is a quick and efficient way of collecting waste for disposal. The alternative it to place the bin at the front yard where the collector can lift it over a low fence. While placement within your property does not require additional permits, you must assess the area to see if the plan is feasible.

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While the transporter of the bins is responsible for the collection and transfer of the waste materials to the designated location, you are primarily responsible for the proper and lawful placement of the bins in your possession. It may seem like a small job, but it can make a big difference on the environment.