What are the Natural Remedies to Managing Back Pain?

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 1:00am

a girl experiencing back painBack pain is not something you can ignore. It can interfere with your daily lifestyle, preventing you from enjoying Salt Lake City and accomplishing important tasks. It also affects posture, which can lead to complications such as neck problems and headaches.

So if you’re suffering from a bad back and looking for ways to alleviate the pain, try these measures:

Get into an exercise program

Strengthening your core is one of the ways to manage back pain, and this can be obtained through a regular exercise program. Hamstring stretches and abdominal exercises like planking and partial crunches can help. Activities like yoga, swimming, and walking can also improve back flexibility.

Improve the way you sleep

How you sleep can affect your back. The common suggestion is to sleep sideways with your knee curled up toward your chest. If you prefer to sleep on your back, putting a pillow under your hips or knees is advisable. And don’t forget that having a good mattress matters, too. You either need a firm or a soft one depending on your sleeping position. Talk to a dealer in Salt Lake City during a mattress sale, so you can pick the best one within your budget.

Eat right

Did you know that the food you eat also matters? If you stay on the healthy side, you can combat stress, which is a big culprit for back pain. A balanced diet that involves dairy products, lean meats, vegetables and fruits also leads to proper digestion, which in turn keeps the spine intact. Moreover, food rich in vitamin D and calcium plus vitamin supplements can keep the bones strong.

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Avoid heavy load

Finally, say no to carrying heavy backpacks or suitcases. If you need to travel with heavy luggage, choose bags with wheels or better yet, use a rolling cart. And avoid lifting weights because it can strain your back muscles.