What Goes into a Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Plan?

Posted on Apr 6 2018 - 10:19am

Patient undergoing cosmetic dentistryA little planning goes a long way when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. When someone wants to get cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh, it’s an important step. Planning ensures that both the dentist and patient are clear about what will happen and what they want to achieve.

The planning phase is a good time to manage patient expectations. Knowing what the realistic results of cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh are likely to be means that the patient is more likely to be happy after their treatment. A skilled and experienced cosmetic dentistry provider, like Edinburgh Dental Specialists, will be able to give their patients a good idea of what to expect through clear communication and, in some cases, by using modern technology.

Preparatory work

Sometimes, the first stage of a plan for cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh will include preparatory work. In most cases, teeth need to be healthy before a cosmetic treatment can be performed unless the procedure combines repair with improving aesthetic such as with crowns or white fillings.

This is particularly important for a treatment like veneers because these are supported on the teeth they are covering. The longevity of the veneers is therefore dependent on the health of the teeth underneath.

Sometimes even a quick clean and polish is a good idea before treatment. This can improve the effectiveness of something like, for example, a teeth-whitening treatment. This is because the active ingredient in the lightning solution is able to act directly on the teeth without any hard build-up of tartar getting in the way.

One treatment

A single treatment is relatively easy to plan for although there could still be multiple appointments for the same improvement. For example, veneers usually require two appointments. The first is used to measure for the veneers. They are then made over the course of a couple of weeks and fitted at the next appointment.

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A combination of treatments

It is possible to combine treatments within a plan for cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh. This is often called a smile makeover. For example, a patient might choose to have cosmetic orthodontics and then finish the treatment off with a clean, polish and teeth whitening to showcase their realigned smile.