What Millenials Should Consider Before Moving Out

Posted on Sep 10 2015 - 6:05am

movingThe most liberating thing you can do as an adult is to move out of your parental home. It’s pretty much like a baptism by fire — you collect your stuff, cut loose from your parents’ guidance, and enter a world of infinite possibilities. But moving out takes a lot of planning. Before you rent a ute to transport your things to your new home, you may want to consider these factors first:

  • Like it or not, money does matter. So you want to break free — but the question is, can you afford it? Separating from your parents means bidding farewell to their financial support. It’s a big responsibility and it doesn’t come cheap. You may want to check on your finances first before you decide to live elsewhere.

Take note that you’ll have to pay for a lot if you will be on your own. These bills include rent, household expenses, food and daily transport — and those are on top of your wants. It’s important that you’re ready for this and have a stable job as well.

  • You need a new dwelling if you plan to move out of your parents’ home. Yuppies who don’t have much savings yet often rent apartments. That’s okay, but you have to take note that you’ll be paying rent monthly.

To save on costs, you may want to bunk in with your colleagues or friends in the meantime. That way, you can divide the cost of rent, utilities and food. It’s the most viable setup if you really want to live ‘on your own’ but can’t afford to pay for an apartment.

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Moving out and arranging to rent a ute can be very exciting, especially for someone who really wants stand on his own feet. But, you have to remember that it’s still important to remember your roots. Getting a place of your own can surely boost your and sense of responsibility as you conquer adult life, but it doesn’t hurt to look back once in a while — and keep in touch with your parents.