What You Need for Your First Basic Kitchen

Posted on Jan 28 2016 - 4:30am

Home KitchenYou can use that coffee cup to drink water from, and that Swiss Army knife to cut vegetables; you can even eat corned beef right out of the can using your hands or a plastic fork from your last take-out. But you’re not climbing a mountain or camping on the beach; neither are you away from civilised society. You’re in your first apartment. Your kitchen deserves more respect.

Here are a few of the basic tools you need in your first kitchen.


At some point, you’re going to need to slice or chop something. Buy at least two knives for now: a good chef’s knife for cutting big chunks and a paring knife for smaller stuff. You can always add more in the future. It’s a good idea to invest in quality when it comes to knives, so they can last longer. Get a good knife sharpener from an Australian distributor if you find you can only live with professional quality prepping and cooking tools.

Cutting board

It’s a bad idea to use the kitchen counter as a cutting board. There are many cheap cutting boards; they’re usually made of plastic. If you’re not comfortable with plastic and you have the budget, go ahead and grab a good wood board.

Sets of cooking implements

To save money, buy these things in sets. These may include a peeler, a corkscrew and a can opener. Another set may include a ladle, a spatula, a pot and a pan. Find a set of measuring cups or spoons as well. Your favourite TV chef may not need them to estimate the amount of ingredients, but until you’re as good as them you’re going to need measuring cups. Some good sets can do the job for much less than what individual items may cost.

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Bowls, utensils and plates

Mixing bowls will help you cook (if you’re a bit more serious about it) and serving bowls are there for when you eat. Buy at least two plates and two sets of utensils (for you and for when you have company). Don’t forget two glasses for drinking.

These are only the basics you may need for a functional kitchen in your first flat. You can always add more as the need arises. What matters is you have what you need for basic cooking and dining.