What Your Kitchen Says About You

Posted on Jul 11 2016 - 10:09am

Kitchen DesignWhen you think of your kitchen, you might think of it only as a place where you prepare gastronomic delights for your family, or the foundation of your home where you munch on snacks and have quality time with your children. Your kitchen, however, is more than that. It’s where your personality truly shows. Your kitchen reflects who you are.

The Chef

If you are a so-called foodie or someone who takes his meals pretty seriously, then your kitchen may be outfitted with professional kitchen gear. You might not be aware of it, but your kitchen may have a fair amount of utensils or appliances. Investing in top-quality or stylish kitchen or dinnerware, such as those from Silsal Design House, is a good idea. Just be careful not to overwhelm your kitchen with massive equipment, which can make it look messy and heavy.

The Logician

If you are the type of person who puts every little thing in place and gets things done, then your kitchen might be organised and methodical. You prefer a traditional kitchen that is timeless and has subtle details that look interesting. As a logician, you prefer a clutter-free kitchen instead of showing off utensils and plates.

The Eclectic

This type of kitchen design is actually difficult to present. If you can’t stick to one specific design, then you are more likely to have an eclectic kitchen. People with unique items at home usually have this kind of kitchen. If the arrangement is wrong, this area could end up looking chaotic because of the combination of different styles. But if done right, the eclectic’s kitchen has the potential to be incredibly stunning.

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The Entertainer

The entertainer’s kitchen is cosy, colourful and inviting. You do not consider elements in the kitchen as clutter, but rather items that reflect your personality. Your kitchen most likely has comfy chairs and furniture because you care about what your guests feel about your place.

Once you find the kitchen design that best fits your personality, you can proceed with creating the kitchen you’ve always wanted. The power to change it is in your hands – and your imagination.