Why are Your Ceramic Tiles Cracking?

Posted on May 29 2016 - 1:00am

Cracked Ceramic TilesCracked ceramic tiles can ruin the look of your flooring. In most cases, the problem is not always with the tile but the material underneath it. As the main problem is usually hidden below the tiles, it is often difficult to detect the real cause.

Waterproofingdirect.com.au reveals a few potential reasons your tiles are cracking. 

Adhesive Gaps

Ceramic tiles are likely to crack if there are adhesive gaps under the tile. This is because the adhesive acts more like a concrete when it sets, proving support for the tile. If it not uniformly or adequately distributed under the ceramic, cracking is possible. Tile adhesive stores in Australia say the gap will allow the tile to break easily when someone walks on it.

Sub-Standard Tiles

Cheap and low-quality tiles are also more likely to break because they are not constructed properly. Mistakes in construction usually happen in the process of baking a protective finish in the clay base. It is possible that the tile could get an air pocket between the glaze and the clay. This makes the entire tile weak, with spots appearing in the form of cracks after a certain amount of time.

No Concrete Board

If you install tiles on a wood subfloor, do not forget the concrete board. This is essential in giving the ceramic the support it need on top of the wood floor. Failure to do this will promote tile cracking in just a short amount of time. Walking can a cause the subfloor to flex, which will also cause the tile break and crack. You can only fix this problem by removing the entire tiles and installing a concrete board first.

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If you’re planning to install new tiles, is best to choose a reliable contractor who can do a quality work for you. Don’t forget to choose quality materials when pursuing the project. If you already have cracked tiles, however, find a contractor to treat the underlying cause and stop your ceramic tiles from cracking.