Why Do You Need a Window Well Cover?

Posted on Aug 21 2018 - 1:00am

Guy cleaning windowThere is no doubt about the many benefits a window well can provide. However, you also need to face the fact that it is a gaping hole near your home. Aside from being an eyesore, it can also be dangerous. Young children or pets can fall and get trapped in them.

Many homeowners in Colorado today are installing window well covers to help prevent such accidents from happening. Additionally, as Liberty Home Products noted, these add an aesthetic appeal to any house. Here are more advantages to installing a window well cover:

Safety and Security

Many homeowners try their best to hide window wells because they can be an eyesore. However, some only hide them behind bushes and plants. While that fixes the aesthetic problem, it does not solve the safety issues. A child or an animal passing by can fall and seriously hurt themselves.

Basement windows are designed for emergency exits, so that’s why it allows an easy passage. This same design also allows easy entry, however, which burglars take advantage of when breaking and entering. Window well covers use highly durable and strong materials that keep intruders out.

Energy Efficient

Without a cover, there’s no stopping heat or cold from entering your home. This will likely cause your HVAC system to work twice as hard to compensate for the energy loss, which translates to higher monthly electricity bills. A cover made from durable materials can help maintain the temperature in your basement, which also helps in lowering your basement cooling and heating expenses.

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Protection From Water Damage

Digging up a window well may seem like a good idea, but an uncovered one is asking for trouble. Aside from inviting intruders, it’s also a catch basin for snow, rainwater, and all sorts of debris. Excess water from rain and snow can cause flooding, which is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Additionally, the leaves and other debris caught in it can clog the drains and cause damage to your storm windows. A well-placed window well cover can easily prevent all these from happening.

Window wells offer more benefits than you think. Why not install one now and see for yourself how it can improve the aesthetic and function of your home.