Why Have Your Pool Fence Built When You Can DIY?

Posted on Jan 21 2016 - 5:29am

Mesh FenceIt’s not those who can already take care of themselves are most susceptible to pool accidents. Rather it’s children who can barely read and write are the ones who get to bear the biggest risks of playing in and around the pool.

Now, more than ever, getting a fence over your pool is most advisable. While a fence may not be able to contain all the fun, it sure limits your little ones from entering the waters unattended. Luckily, Great Fence says that the decision need not cost you so much as do-it-yourself fences can also serve the purpose.

Most Vulnerable in Home Pools

While it’s true that more males – about 80% to be exact – drown than females, it’s children that bear the biggest risks in drowning incidents. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data shows that children aged one to four have the highest drowning rates among all age brackets. Of all the children who died of unintentional injury in 2009, for instance, over 30% were caused by drowning.

Sadly, most of these drownings involving young children happen in home swimming pools. If you have been thinking about installing a fence around your pool, knowing such statistics should get you started. CDC points out a four-sided isolation fence is 83% more effective than installing three-sided types.

DIY as a Beneficial, Safety Option

While nobody is stopping you from hiring professionals, know that installing a DIY pool fence yourself may prove to be a wiser and cost-effective decision. A mesh pool safety fence, for instance, is not only easy to install it’s sturdy enough to thwart any adventurous toddlers from straying. Assembled in 12-foot long sections, installing them yourself is a breeze with each section delivered with connectors (e.g., latch, deck sleeves, deck caps) for a quick install.

Don’t get it wrong, though. A DIY pool fence, even when less costly, can be made of top quality materials. This means your pool protection could serve its purpose through the years, making sure everyone in the family, including the youngest ones to stay safe.

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