Why You Should Ask Professionals to Build Your Private Pier

Posted on Sep 10 2018 - 8:49pm

Private wooden dockNowadays, DIY items have become a popular trend for most construction projects, and these include piers and docks. While the prospect of building your pier from scratch is undoubtedly appealing, there are benefits to hiring a professional instead. Read on to learn a few of these advantages.

Building Knowledge

This is perhaps the best reason for collaborating with a pier construction company like Kinsel Docks. Constructing a dock can be as complicated as adding new rooms to your home. You also have to consider various environmental factors, like water flow and drainage blocking, when designing and planning your private pier. Experts think of all these factors and make sure that the dock will stay strong for a very long time.


Another benefit of hiring a professional is that you get to have your dock tailor-fitted to your needs. Unlike DIY kits that have template designs, experienced pier builders can customize your dock to fit your area and boats. Whether you need a dock for launching small craft or you want it to house a lounge for large parties, a reputable pier construction company can efficiently complete your requests.

Storm Hazards

Since piers are near or even above bodies of water, they will face the brunt of nature’s wrath. Thus, it’s crucial that they are built to withstand such conditions. Docks should withstand the mighty wind of a typhoon. Professionals can recommend measures that you can take to protect your dock from the elements.

Your private pier can be a costly investment, so it will be unwise to construct it on your own. Nothing beats having an experienced professional company managing your dock construction since you are promised quality and expertise beforehand.

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