Window Film: Better Privacy and Security

Posted on Aug 18 2015 - 2:56am

Window FilmProtect your home and your family from break-ins and severe weather conditions by upgrading your windows with glass film. Glass film provides a cost-effective and instant solution to both residential and commercial window and glazing problems.

Cleargard Australia cites that glass film enhances the safety, security, and blast protection level of your existing windows, while reducing the solar heat and glare that cuts down on harmful UV rays. Installing this film provides a variety of benefits to home and commercial property owners.

Improve Energy Efficiency

There are different ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, one of which is saving on your bill by installing glass film on your windows. Windows affect the amount of heat and natural light that enters and leaves an enclosed space, and this affects how much electricity you consume for temperature control, such as AC systems, and insulation.

Reduce the Heat Entering Your Building

Glass film helps save energy, as it reduces the level of heat entering your property. A window film lessens the heat coming through your windows by up to 88 percent.

The addition of this device acts as a barrier to filter the rays of the sun that you do not want entering your property.  Most pieces of artwork, some textiles and certain pieces of furniture may fade if exposed to daylight that enters through an unprotected window.

By installing window films, it will block music gadgets 2018 approximately 99.9% of the harmful rays that enter your property. This improves your property’s security and privacy, and is also preserves the colour of pieces of furniture, textiles and carpets.

Stay Private and Secure

Glass is a fragile material as natural calamities and burglars can break it. The addition of films adds another barrier for protection and it helps hold the glass together if someone tries to break it or if inclement weather hits it.

The addition of window films has a lot of advantages, despite the extra cost you might incur. This is a worthwhile expense as it improves property security against thieves and natural disasters, and enhances privacy.