Window Privacy Ideas: How Private is Your Home?

Posted on Mar 15 2016 - 8:22am

Window CoversWindows provide ventilation to let air and the light into the interiors. A window can add elegance to your rooms and allow you to get a great view of the outdoors. But, there are times when the windows need to be covered for privacy. You can opt to cover them either partially or completely. This will make sure that you can let in the light when you need it. When it comes to this, curtains and window privacy films are the options you should consider.

  • Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are considered an appropriate window treatment. They come in a number of colours, patterns and material choices. You can find one to suit your home décor. These curtains will let the light in, but no one from the outside can view the interiors during the day. At night, the sheer curtains will appear transparent. The great thing about these is you can change them to suit your moods and the weather.

  • Window films

Self-adhesive window films make a great option for home privacy. They are easy to install on the window panes, as Cleargard Australia notes. You also have the option of static cling films. These can be reused and removed easily. You can get clear and tinted window films that come in a variety of colours and patterns. These films come with many advantages. Apart from giving you privacy, they also improve security, reduce fading, and offer better heat control.

  • Window blinds

Window blinds are another option you can consider. These allow you to control the light entering your home, as the blinds with either horizontal or vertical slats. For complete privacy, you can close them completely. You can partially open them to allow some light in. Sheer curtains and blinds make a great combination. With sheer curtains, you can keep the blinds open during the day and close it when you need privacy.

Choosing the right window treatment option for your home not only be based on how well it will look but also on how well it will serve your purpose. This will help you maximise your window treatments.