Working from Home Efficiently: The Need for a Proper Home Office

Posted on Jan 23 2018 - 7:15am

Wooden shedWorking from home has become a popular trend in Australia. It offers many benefits, such as flexibility in work hours, avoidance of traffic, gas savings, and more time with loved ones. The sad part is this set-up also has its downside. Household disturbances are common, which will then require you to deal with distractions that can keep you from being productive.

A proper home office or working environment is essential to minimise distractions while working. A working space that’s not efficiently disconnected from your home or sleeping area will make it difficult for you to concentrate on a specific task. This will cause you to find ways of detaching yourself and your work from common domestic distractions.

Avoiding Distractions

A granny flat can be a great choice for a home office. Apart from efficiently separating your work from your home and associated distractions, it can also promote privacy, allowing you to focus better. Note that using a kitchen table or putting up a table in the bedroom is not advisable, as it can only set you up for failure and more distractions throughout the day.

Personalised Home Office

Having a detached or disconnected home office can be a cost-effective investment in the long-term. It’s also good to know that granny flats are customisable, which means that you can include any amenity you need in a working space. It can have a bathroom, kitchen, and other desirable features suited to the type of work you have.

Professional Working Space

If you mostly work using your computer or laptop, your granny flat can serve as a basic office with a small bathroom or kitchen. You can also have it converted into a small gym or personal training space if you work as a fitness instructor. You may also be able to set up your granny flat as a consulting office or for entertaining clients without home distractions.

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With a granny flat as your office, you don’t have worry about kids playing noisily or a loved one watching TV in the living room. Be sure to work with a reliable granny flat builder/designer to create a professional working space.