Yard Care Essentials Your Lawn Cannot Live Without

Posted on Nov 25 2017 - 7:44am

Lawn CareDoes it matter that your lawn grass stays green and healthy all year? If you wish to maintain a healthy yard, it’s important to learn about the most important aspects of a yard and garden care. Knowing which tasks to prioritize makes all the difference.

Mowing grass

A mower is an essential equipment, but if you are not ready to purchase one, consider renting. A riding mower makes sense for bigger lawns, but self-propelled units are also acceptable.

Lawn mowing in Minneapolis (MN) is part of yard maintenance. Keeping the grass trimmed is not only a way to keep the yard looking orderly. Cutting promotes growth and lowers the risk of diseases. It also discourages weed growth.

Basic tools to own

You could choose to rent certain equipment. However, you would want to have a set of the most essential tools stored in your garage for easy access. While needs differ, you must set aside a budget to purchase a garden rake, grape hoe, wheelbarrow, spade, pruning shears, grass shears, sprayer, trowel, and a weeder.

Watering essentials

Experts agree that lack of knowledge about watering leads to the most common problems in yards all over the US. If there is nothing or no one keeping tabs on the volume of water delivered, then disaster can strike. How much water lawn grass needs depends on the season, the variety of plants on the yard, and the type of soil.

You can also maximize the sprinkler system you are using by learning in detail how it operates. Sprinklers are a must in Western yards. Systems not maintained adequately might increase the risk for diseases with too much watering.

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Lastly, remember to use the right kind of fertilizer. Fertilization is important for robust growth and good health of the grass. However, determine the specific qualities of the soil first. Afterward, purchase the right type of fertilizer, and set the schedule of application.