Your Garage Needs Pest-Proofing, Too

Posted on Sep 26 2017 - 1:00am

White garage doorHomes should be a no-pest sanctuary. They make unsightly nests, bring in diseases, damage the house’s foundation, and so on. The quest for a pest-free home spans the entire house, garage included. This is because garages do more than house your car. According to Price’s Guaranteed Doors, a garage door shop in Utah, a garage can be a workshop, a laundry area, or even a play area.

Your garage is very much a part of your living space; it needs its share of pest proofing, too.

Block Entrances

These unwanted guests are looking for a place to nest. They enter homes for favorable environmental conditions, shelter, and food. We don’t want them sharing our space though, so set precautions to make sure they can’t enter your garage.

First, block all possible entrances. Check your garage’s windows, walls, and doors to find holes, cracks or other openings. If you find any openings, block them. Additionally, inspect the weather stripping on all sides of your garage door and windows, and repair them as needed.

Clean ‘Em Up

Holes and cracks are not the only way pests can enter the home. Roach eggs can enter your home by hitching on clothing, cardboard boxes, paper bags, or shoes.

To avoid pest nests, garages must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Remove areas that could give them a home like cardboard boxes and paper bags. Cockroaches, for example, can eat them and use them to lay eggs. If you have many things that need to be stored in the garage, use airtight plastic containers.

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Religiously take out the garbage — and, no, the garage doesn’t count as “outside.” Stacking trash in the corners of your garage is an invitation for rats and roaches to congregate, so be sure to dispose of your garbage at the proper sites.

There many ways to prevent unwanted house guests from infesting your home. These tasks make your chore list longer, but, done regularly, you’ll be living in a happy, pest-free home.