Your Garbage Disposal and Some Handling Blunders

Posted on Apr 19 2016 - 1:36am

Garbage Disposal in Salt Lake CityFor the nth time, you’re hiring an expert in garbage disposal repair. Salt Lake City has lots of them; so yes, it’s very easy to call one. But hey, haven’t you thought of some ways to properly handle your disposal? Sure, it’s a great invention and it makes your life easier. But, it doesn’t mean you have the license to abuse your appliance. Okay, you didn’t mean to do everything you did. You just don’t really know about the do’s and don’ts. Well then, you need to educate yourself. You already landed on the right article; so go on and read.

Are you making these mistakes? If so, do your best to avoid them.

Using hot water

Yes, hot water can break down food easily, but it can also damage your disposal. If there is fatty material accumulated in your appliance, hot water will melt it. This may result in clogged drain lines and decreased grinding abilities.

Putting hard stuff

For instance, bones and hard fruits – no matter how small – can cause jam and overheat. Also, they aren’t good for the blades. So, please, stop putting hard stuff down your disposal.

Pouring oil down the drain

It is a big mistake to put oil, animal fat, and grease down your disposal. Initially, you won’t notice the problems. But know that it gradually damages your appliance, particularly its blades and drain line.

Putting so much food down at once

Every appliance has its own limits. Needless to say, putting too much food will force the appliance to require more work. As a result, it can overheat.

Failing to regularly clean the disposal

Do you want your appliance to last? You can prolong its life by merely cleaning it on a regular basis.It helps to use a combination of ice cubes, cold water, and salt. Apart from thoroughly cleaning your appliance, this combination can also sharpen the blades. If you fail to do some cleaning, the effectiveness of appliance will decrease.

So, are you guilty? If you’ve been making the aforementioned mistakes, then you now know the causes of your frequent need to call a repairman. You now know what practices you should avoid. Now, take the initiative to learn more.

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