You’re Sinning… Against Your AC

Posted on Sep 7 2018 - 1:00am

a man inspecting the ACFailing to clean or change your filters is not the only sin you can commit against your AC. Sometimes, the way you use or treat your air conditioner can compromise its effectiveness and efficiency. It can also lead to indoor comfort problems and higher monthly cooling bills.

AC repair expert Desert Star Heating and Air in Riverton share the other sins you might be guilty of:

1. You skip annual servicing.

While you can consult the Internet for changing the filters or cleaning the coils, you still need to hire pros to check your unit at least once a year.

This is necessary to keep your system running efficiently as well as detect and address problems before they get worse. Have it serviced during spring to make sure it’s ready come summer.

2. You set the cooling temperature too low.

If you want to cool down the house faster by the time you got home from work, setting the temperature too low is not necessarily helpful. This cannot accelerate the cooling process, especially for modern ACS that cannot run at both high and low speeds. Better yet, install a smart thermostat.

3. You don’t own a programmable thermostat.

Without a programmable thermostat, you miss your chance to save money on your electric bills. Do note that when used properly, programmable thermostats can save you between 10% and 30% on your heating and cooling bills. It enables you to customize your home’s cooling based on your needs.

4. You don’t use ceiling fans.

Sometimes, ACs have to work harder to cool your home and distribute cool air. The use of ceiling fans can help reduce this burden as it allows cool air to circulate throughout the space. Better air flow is likely by making sure that the fans are turning counterclockwise in the summer months.

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5. You don’t have curtains or blinds.

Sunlight and sun rays can bring heat more heat into your home. So if you have windows where the sun can freely enter, you can benefit from using blind and curtains. Close these window treatments to avoid adding extra burden to your AC and protect your space (furniture and floor) from the heat.

Be a friend of your AC by avoiding these mistakes. By treating your unit right, you will surely be rewarded with an efficient cooling that can last for many years.